Storybooks School

A Place for Children

5333 Yorktown  Corpus Christi, Texas


Children want a place for their imagination to soar...

Parents want unparalleled education and peace of mind...

Experience both  at Storybooks School

At Storybooks, we believe that a positive and child-centered vibrant environment can encourage a child’s progress.  We have taken great care to provide an open and inviting campus, filled with natural light, visual stimulation, and warm comforting colors so that your child’s surrounding can become a teacher in itself.

We have established five Houses for the different age stages of each child enrolled in our program.  Mother’s Care House will care for ages birth to 18 months.   Radiance House will nurture 18 months to 29 months;  Ms. Sandy House  and C House will cherish ages 30 months to 3 years old.  And, Pure Brilliance House will accommodate 4 to 5 year olds.

Our Houses will reflect a comfortable home setting where they will feel loved and happy.   Our Houses will make children feel like a part of a family unit.  All of this provides our children not only with an appealing environment but also daily educational discoveries.

Each House has been designed to be spacious and filled with warm light.  And most importantly, our campus has been created just for children.

At Storybooks School,  peace of mind from strict monitoring of every person who enters our school.