Storybooks School

A Place for Children

5333 Yorktown

Corpus Christi, Texas

Centers are out!  Discover the Storybooks School difference in creating an inspired campus where imaginations will soar from birth through five year olds.

Storybooks will be Corpus Christi’s first private campus with a year round program that has inspired home based setting. The children will learn to “love to learn,” play and socialize. Our Montessori environment program will offer a comprehensive curriculum that helps prepare children for all their future walks in life.   Storybooks School has set the stage for daily joyful care and an extraordinary educational experience not yet experienced in our community.  A place where children can be children.

Our Campus

ü Family – providing a loving family environment.

ü Space – every inch was planned to engage children in daily activities.

ü Curiosity – Houses promote natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to explore the Universe.

ü Inviting-  Visual stimulation inviting our children to move and dance; relax and build.

ü Theater Arts    Perform on their own Stage where role play, drama and talents will shine.

ü Playgrounds -  Filled with activities to interact with the natural world.

ü Educators -  Team of trained professionals with two loving hands and one big heart.

ü Curriculum – Montessori based program encourages children in the joys of learning.

ü Administration -  Leadership, continuous training, ability to exceed high standards.

ü Owner/Founder – Ms. Sandy Cantu CDA, available on campus daily.

ü Security – Priority at Storybooks, fully staffed entrances to ensure the safety of each child.

ü Consistency -   High intensive search for teachers. Taking care of our Team

ü Difference – We encourage you to compare the extraordinary educational experience at Storybooks School with other areas programs.  We challenge you to find an environment and curriculum that offers more for your growing child needs.

Thank you for visiting our Storybooks website.  We invite you to come and join our family.  Call now for a place for your child at Storybooks School.  We know that you will love what you see and more significantly so will your child.