Storybooks School

A Place for Children

5333 Yorktown

Corpus Christi, Texas


Isn't it a wonderful things that we're all diiferent?

Each of us has many different strengths and skills we can share.

When we link our individual strengths together.



Storybooks School couldn't imagine us without you

How to apply?
First, we recommend that you visit us and tour our facility. Office hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Tours of the school can be done between 9am to 11am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm. Evening and weekend appointments are scheduled upon request. 

To learn more about joining the Storybooks School Family, call or email (link below) our Admissions Coordinator,  at

Storybooks School Openings:


Storybooks currently as of March 1, 2019 has the following possible openings in:

Mother's Care House: Birth to 7 months:  1 Openings in October 2019

   8 months to 12 months: No Openings  

                                   12 months to 18 months: 1 Openings

Little Stars House 12 months to 18 months: 3 Openings

Imagination House 18 months to 26 months: 1 Openings

Radiance House 18 months to 2 1/2 years: No Openings

Learning House 2 years Old: No Openings 

Creative Minds House 2 & 3 Year Old: No Openings

Ms. Sandy's House 3 Year Old:  No Openings

Pure Brilliance House 4 and 5 Years Old:No Openings 


Space in Storybooks School is limited, so call today and let us help you find a place for your child at Storybooks School. Annual Registration Fee is $140 

361-452-1021 or

If you would like to be put on our waiting list please click on the link below named Waitlist and be sure to create an account and add the child you wish to enroll.